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GTA Online: How to win with lucky wheel glitch

2019-08-12 16:19:24

We have prepared this article for you so you can win with the lucky wheel glitch and reach prizes available in GTA Online.

Why is it important to win with the lucky wheel glitch glitch in GTA Online?

In the beginning it must be clear that winning the lucky wheel glitch is limited in the beginning, and that makes it a bit complex to obtain the rewards of the day at the online casino which allows us to acquire rewards so much So it is very likely to get the Podium Car, but when the wheel turns you have to collect the prize that falls and not waste it.

If you manage to win the lucky wheel glitch it is spectacular because it generates infinite relief so you can get the reward you want in GTA Online and manage to park your car in any parking lot without any difficulty, in the meantime the options are also available the mystery a reward that manages to cover a series of consumable items or very low cost, of course it should be noted that some cars could also be seen among which you can see the long-awaited lost slamvan and if you make the wheel fall on the It will be the best day of your life because this award is really generous, if you are not happy with this goal, keep trying until you achieve the desired result in GTA Online.

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    How to win with lucky wheel glitch?

    Winning the lucky wheel glitch has its benefits and allows us to stay ready and attentive, but you must keep in mind that you need to interact with the lucky wheel and turn it hard so that it spins quickly and you can condition the next step, if we low to the PS4 console we need to press PS and to show us the menu to place the cursor so that the application can be closed by pressing X twice when you have not achieved your reward, for your part in the Xbox One console you must take the time and wait to see what will be the result that the wheel throws at you, if you are not happy with it, press the xbox button and go to GTA5 once there move to the menu and look for the way out, meanwhile the PC players will only need press a shortcut on the single keyboard to exit when you manage to view the result in GTA Online.

    Then what you need to do is reload the game and redo this goal to get the reward, but you have to realize that the loading process could take a while to get back in, of course if you are smart and want to speed up the process is important that you dial GTA Online and take you to the configuration menu, click on save and start the startup flow, then configure the casino penthouse by placing this as your starting point in the interaction menu, continue collecting prizes and accumulate points to win the lucky wheel glitch in the game, here you would be leaving the game but continue playing on the other hand to get more rewards of greater value in GTA Online.

    On the other hand it is important to keep in mind that it is possible that rockstar realizes that there is some irregular exercise in the account that you use so you should be careful to avoid receiving any temporary suspension, of course this happens very rarely, but it can happen, so don't trust much. Just need to be alert and act with a cool head without having to raise suspicions of any kind and get the victory among which is the Podium Car in the game.

    The detail of winning the lucky wheel failure has been of vital knowledge in the players for a couple of weeks and thanks to the delicate and complex feat it is likely to include a hotfix to discard it at some time so it is important to use it in Reasonable way and achieve meet the real expectations of GTA Online.

    Finally, it is important that you be clear that winning the lucky wheel glitch of very favorable to acquire the prizes you want and that they are small are highly valued in GTA Online.

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