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GTA Online: How to Win F1 Car in Casino

2020-02-27 08:45:22

The new challenges we face in GTA Online will lead us to the explanation of how to win an F1 car at the casino.

The access to many events and challenges that GTA Online gives us is constantly, we can develop with great freedom in the things we want to do in this, due to the wide and open world that we find, we also have the casinos with which we can spend Without hindrance about the thefts that we have highlighted, we can notice at this point, that the casino has a wheel, with the purpose of obtaining a very special prize, our content being treated, the explanation of how to win an F1 car in the casino, the details for this challenge we will have next following the reading.

What is the F1 car that we can win at the casino in GTA Online?

Through the casino there are many prizes available, but despite this we will try this time to try to get an F1 Progen PR4, in the game we can buy it for a cost of 3.5 million dollars, we have this reaches 100 97 mph, based specifically on a 1991 McLaren MP4 / 6, which is a classic in the world of F1, its statistics are exceptional and its history is impressive in the world of racing, we will see in the wheel of the casino the opportunity to win a car with limited availability, so it will be ideal that we know how to win an F1 car in the casino and we will see that from here on.

How to win an F1 car at the casino in GTA Online?

To use the wheel in search of this prize of great value, we must enter the Diamond Casino, which will be located on Vinewood Park Drive and Vinewood Boulevard in East Vinewood, Los Santos, in addition we may steal in this casino, which will give us an increase in rewards for robbery, access to greater risks, or access a helicopter, in the main lobby of the center, we will find the Wheel of Luck, in a period of every 24 hours we can turn it, thus earning money , RP, tokens, clothes and even the car in question, next to the wheel we will notice that the vehicle is located.

Once a day we will have the option to turn the wheel, but if the GTA servers are down we can avoid the limit that exists for this, the first thing we would have to do is to log in as guest in the game, then we enter to the casino and make the wheel spin, the next thing is that we disconnect the internet from our console or PC, after this we will reconnect it and enter again to try to get the prize by turning the wheel, in this way we can try the times that we want to update until we get the car, the opinions of many players, is that it has taken a maximum of 10 turns of the wheel to obtain the Progen PR4 and thus have considerable savings by not having to make this purchase

With this we come to the end of this GTA Online guide, already knowing how to win an F1 car at the casino which allows us to complete another challenge and improve our fun.

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