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Today we bring for you a GTA Online guide where we will explain How to Watch UFOs.

What to know about UFOs in GTA Online?

 Through the recent update of October 14 we have that have been added to the game we have the UFO, which is part of the Sightseeing event, is something we have seen week after week in the game, now to know how to Watch UFOs..

How to see UFOs in GTA Online?

 We will depend on the days for different places the appearance of the UFO, being necessary to highlight the following details:

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    • Next to the paleto forest above the beach occurs on October 15.
    • At the northern point of the map near paleto bay it appears on October 16.
    • At the peak of Chiliad mountain it occurs on October 17.
    • In the surroundings of the lighthouse near the coast of Grapeseed we have it on October 18.
    • At the Altruist Camp radio tower west of Mt. Chiliad on October 19.
    • Near Sandy Shores at the Altruist Camp we have him on October 20.
    The time of appearance is between 10 pm to 3 am in the game, but if we approach while in a vehicle this UFO can disable our transport, leaving us stranded and escape, during the second day this came to appear on the drowned saucer that was seen at a time in the game.

    Finally, now that we know how to Watch UFOs we can move on in GTA Online.

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