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The action continues in GTA Online and this allows us to talk to you about how to unlock survival mode.

What is survival mode in GTA Online?

  Fortunately this game has several modes and activities in which we are allowed to participate, because unlike other installments this game allows us to have some considerable amount of content that cannot be wasted, in this sense, survival mode joins to the other modes, only this one can become somewhat more complex.
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    How to unlock survival mode in GTA Online?

    This is an interesting task for which it is necessary:


    •  Play to the point that this allows us to reach level 15.
    • It is feasible to do some work and thereby reach the necessary level, which can happen in a short time.
    • Once we reach level 15 it is necessary to play in the "Industrial Plant", this usually works as a tutorial for Survival mode.
    • Ron usually contacts us by choosing to complete this step allows us to access survival mode when we deem it necessary.


     Now, to enter a game in Survival mode it is necessary:


    •  Find the shield with a cross on the map.
    • Choose to open the game menus and go to the "Online" tab.
    • Select "Jobs", play and choose the survival jobs that have been created by Rockstar or, failing that, by the community.
    • There is the possibility of finding a green mark next to the shield, this indicates that we have already played on that survival map.
    • A game in Survival mode can be played by 1 to 4 people.
    • Choose to reload ammunition and armor before starting a game.
    • In the course of the game it is possible to collect weapons, armor and health, this can make it possible for us to survive much more to the number of enemies that usually appear.

     This is all you need to know about how to unlock survival mode, in this way we are allowed to enjoy much more in GTA Online.

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