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This time we return with a GTA Online guide with the objective of explaining how to make $ 600k in an hour with contract.

What to know about GTA Online?

Through many things we can get to add money in the game, one of them is the deposit contract, with the update recently this is available, the contracts help us with large payments, so now it is necessary to know how to make $ 600k in an hour with Contract and in the following content we will see the details.

How to make $ 600k in an hour with Contract at GTA Online?

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    Being something that suddenly appears in GTA Online, we have to face this contract, then we have to access their board to verify the availability to play it, now on How to make $ 600k in an hour with Contract we have to divide it into 3 stages, what we will do then is accepted it, find to kill a corrupt businessman, we will take the elevator key from this to access a vault, we must steal the security vehicle, the bank manager blackmailing him to access the vault code, and finally we enter the vault that allows us to steal expensive goods and deliver it to the client, which allows us to add a large payment for it.

    The reward being a couple of GTA $, when the bonus comes to an end it will be doubled, considering that it depends on the number of players who have participated in the contract, also seeking to complete this without witnesses until the point of delivery reaches influence the gold markets, achieving all this we will easily add at least 600,000 dollars, apart from about 300,000 in bonuses when the bonus is stopped, it is a challenge that we can do many times to add a lot of money.

    We hope that the information detailed here on How to make $ 600k in an hour with Contract has been useful for your progress in GTA Online.

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