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GTA Online: How to level up fast and earn reputation

2019-05-31 15:27:18

In the world of GTA Online, reputation, together with money, is the most important thing. To get very far and achieve many things, it is necessary to earn Reputation Points in large quantities since this is what defines your rank thanks to the leveling system used in GTA 5. However, the way to achieve a high rank can be Complicate a bit or it can just take a long time, for that reason, in this guide we will leave you a few tips and recommendations so you can get Reputation Points much faster.

GTA Online: Reputation Points, High Rank and Leveling System

The player rank in GTA Online is a really important aspect. This determines the missions to which to access, the vehicles and weapons that can be purchased, the skills to use and many other things. This means that the higher your rank, the more things you can achieve.

Of course, according to the Leveling System used in GTA Online, your rank can be increased with the Reputation Points that you earn. In other words, to obtain a high Rank it is necessary to get many RPs. This last is what may take time, however there are several ways that can be done to speed things up and get RP much faster.

GTA 5 Online: How to Earn Reputation Points & Rank Up Fast (GTA V)

How to get Reputation Points and level up quickly in GTA Online

Although leveling up in GTA Online requires a certain amount of time, since you can level up by completing missions and some other tasks. However, if you are the one who wants to level up quickly, it is possible to speed up the process a little with certain things that can be done. For this, It is necessary to concentrate on doing the right activities, since the model used only to have fun in the world of GTA in single player campaign mode, does not work for this.

So that you can take advantage of the time, the following sections show several details on which you can concentrate in order to gain a better reputation and thereby raise the level much faster in GTA Online.

The adversary modes

The Adversary Modes included scenarios to face groups, in this the teams used to play in scenarios based on scenes belonging to classic movies in which it is particularly implied that one group survived an assault by the other team.

These Adversary Mode missions are highlighted by a deadline, however they are able to give reputation in large numbers since they are classified as the longest missions. But something that is important to keep in mind to address these missions, is that you need a team because they can not be done alone.

Collect fallen loads

When it reaches the range 12, it will be possible to recover some fallen boxes that will appear distributed throughout the map.

Fortunately, before an event like this happens, a notification will be received in the upper right corner of the screen next to a mark on the mini map indicating the location where this package is landed.

Arriving at the marked location, you will have to face and kill several NPCs that are armed and try to defend the fallen box. However, facing it is going to be worth it since at the end it will be possible to open the box and find 3000 reputation points and even up to 5000 RP in some special boxes.

These events are among one of the best ways to get RP quickly, and it is even supported by positive comments in the GTA Online community.

Check the Newswire

The developer Rockstar customarily updates his Newswire with new informative details indicating events in which double reputation is offered. Among these can be mentioned some specific types of missions or even special playlists that comprise a single event. But no matter what it is, what should matter is that it offers a very good opportunity to get both RP and extra money.

Another aspect for which it is important to review the Newswire is that you can also give some advice as to how to get discounts on certain purchases, including vehicles, as well as can indicate some free items.

Be part of an organization

In GTA Online it is possible to do much more than just a few specific crimes, instead it is possible to create an organized criminal empire. This is because players are allowed to acquire offices once they are financially sustainable, that is, when they have enough money. Getting an office is necessary to start an organization of your own.

In the organization that you have created, it is also possible for other players to join as partners. This medium is a good way to get several PRs, since this will make contact with groups that have similar ideas and want to achieve things.

Go very fast in the races

The races can be a very good way to win RP quickly. With these you can get up to 500 RP and no need to win. Although this is not all that can be achieved with other missions, but making a comparison regarding the time it takes a race, it aims to be a good way to get RP quickly. This is because the races finish much faster and next to this, the record for criminal records can end up in half a minute, if only one lap is scheduled.

It is important to keep in mind that this medium is very good to get reputation quickly when it is starting. However, it is not recommended once you have reached a high level in GTA Online.

Disappoint the police

When you are taken by the police until you reach a Level in pursuit that you have wished and you end up misleading them to escape, you can get a certain amount of RP. This means that it can turn out to be a consistent way to gain reputation, given that each star that is achieved can award 100 points. However, the higher the level, the more careful it will be that it will become increasingly difficult to escape from the police.

Create a playlist composed of the best missions

Among the most conventional ways to win RP in GTA Online is completing quests given that the game has a wide variability in objectives and game styles. In this sense, it is possible to collect several missions in a playlist, but only those that RP can offer in quite considerable quantities.

These are several of the ways in which it is possible to get Reputation Points in good quantities and with that, upload the Level quickly in GTA Online.

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