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GTA Online: How to Get the Stone Hatchet

2019-11-28 11:31:08

The next explanation we will have in this article will be how to get stone hatchet in GTA Online.

In GTA Online some missions were added in homage to Red Dead Redemption 2, in which we can count on the criminals or even win prizes if we kill them, knowing how to get stone hatchet can be of great advantage to carry out this tribute in any An angle that we take, so that we have more ideas about it, let's see the following content of this article.

How to get stone hatchet in GTA Online?

5 Missions we must complete your want to win the main prize that is stone hatchet, this apart from many other rewards to which we will have access, from our phone we will access these missions, sent by the bounty hunter of GTA V Muade, to Having a message from her open a message on her cell phone will be enough for us to begin this journey through the search for this reward.

How to get stone hatchet (Find Muade missions) in GTA Online?

A golden color icon should appear on our map, these missions are not random, but they are 15 possible, of which we will automatically receive only 5, we will perform them one after the other, we just have to go to the location marked by the golden icon and when we are close we will notice an extension of the highlighted area, in this sector our objective will be.

How to get the stone hatchet (Objective Location) in GTA Online?

Although the location of the objectives is not so difficult to find, it will take us some time, we must take into account 2 important factors when performing this search, the objectives are seen as they are shown in the photo that Maude sent us , even the clothes, this way to observe them we will not alert them

When we are close to one of the objectives, we will hear a sound of bells that will alert us, so if we listen we must stop immediately and examine the area in which we are, also reviewing the possible areas in which they may be hidden , so in this way at any time we can find the objectives, with this method we can sweep the entire sector and in a short time we will find them, without having to run at random.

How to get stone hatchet (Catch the Objectives) in GTA Online?

If we bring the objective alive, the rewards will be greater, in this case it is divided like this, dead x 5000 dollars and live x 10,000 dollars for one alive, so if we focus on just fulfilling the missions and we have no greater interest in money it will be simpler, just shooting or running over will be a good move, if we go for the option of bringing the objectives alive, everything will be more complicated, the only option we have in GTA Online will be to hit the target until it surrenders, that there are no police around us, we are going to throw it to the ground and hit it in the gossips until we receive an indication of its surrender, which will make us follow where we go, we must avoid blunt objects such as weapons to avoid causing them death, if at some point trying to escape, a shot to the foot with the weakest weapon we have will stop their attempts and then recover in a certain time, one of the most important things that help Understand how to get the stone hatchet.

How to get the stone hatchet (Deliver the Objectives to Maude) in GTA Online?

On the map we will notice a golden M that will appear at the moment that the objective cooperates with us, this location will be in the Grand Lady desert, east of the city Sandy Shores, that we will arrive with the objective we will receive $ 10,000, but the road It will be complicated, since we can run into many obstacles such as the police or our mistakes, what will happen is that from the air we will be bombed and this will accuse our target of death so that only the profit will be 5000 dollars, in the same way we will notice a scene in which we arrived with Maude with the objective before receiving the reward and in the following minutes we will receive another mission message requesting another objective, and once we complete the 5 missions we will know how to get the ax of stone in GTA Online.

How to get stone hatchet (Location of the stone hatchet) in GTA Online?

In our capture of the last objective, the 5th, we will know from Maude that this had something hidden somewhere, that will be ours, this time the golden icon of the map will be a square box, which will take us to the location of a chest in the one who finds stone hatchet, but the moment we open the chest a gang attack will be caused, so we must be ready to fight.

How to get stone hatchet (Use of stone hatchet skill) in GTA Online?

In the slot of our melee weapon is stone hatchet, it has a second ability, named Stone Hatchet Rampage, similar to the one-player campaign to Trevor Philips, with the ability of this ax, we will kill a NPC player that will provide them with a greater resistance to damage in a short instant, which will increase while we carry out the melee-like deaths, at the end of the streak it will have a time to cool down and at that moment it will be a common ax.

How to get stone hatchet (Challenge with stone hatchet) in GTA Online?

The challenge that we will have available to have stone hatchet, is that we make 25 deaths with this, being the prize for this $ 250,000, which will give us access to Stone Hatchet in Red Dead Redemption 2, the Gang fights will be the perfect time to complete this challenge, but remember that it is a weapon that we are going to use melee and that our opponents will have guns, but it is clear that the prize to win will make the risk worthwhile, which to minimize it in something will be good if we wear bulletproof vests.

With this we come to the end of this article, which centers the central explanation on how to obtain stone hatchet in GTA Online, with this content it is possible to achieve the objective in question and we hope it will be of great help in general.

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