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GTA Online: How to find All Playing Card

2019-08-01 18:22:20

Our goal in this explanation is that you know how to find all the playing cards in GTA Online.

What do you need to know to find all the playing cards in GTA Online?

GTA Online has a new update in which it brings new things to the story and modifications, among the changes we will have, you can find all the game cards in GTA Online by being part of this update as well. If you do you can have a High Roller outfit, now to find all the playing cards we will guide you where to do it in GTA Online. But before this we must know that the cards are white and are on bright surfaces, this may be an obstacle to see them since there is nothing that helps us to find them, a tip to find all the playing cards is to do it at night since they will be more visible in GTA Online.

How to find all the playing cards in GTA Online?

So that you can find all the playing cards we have here the details to do it in GTA Online. We start with the poplar sea, you can find it on a ping pong table that is on the pier in the poplar sea, rigging will be on a table in the dressing room of Rockford Plaza, chumash on the table in front of the Nelson general store and cypress floors on a table outside the Ammu-Nation range of weapons.

As you manage to find all the playing cards you will be closer to getting the GTA Online outfit now we go with Davis this card on a shelf near a radio on Macdonald Street inside the fire station, dog beach at the end of the Pier at a gift kiosk that is next to the hot dog stand, that of Downtown Vinewood on a table far away from the Pacific Bank, which follows the Donkey Heights upon entering the tattoo parlor at the table.

You can say that the list is long to meet this goal but if you want the outfit you must find all the playing cards that this update of GTA Online brings you. We continue with the desert of the great lady is in the L of signals in the radio station, the grape seed will be in the convenience store office, great chaparral you have to go down a dirt road where a house will be in the that the letter will be on the porch, hawick in the tool chest in the exotic car garage and little seoul on the tram station bench on heli tours.

It will take you time to find all the playing cards but with these indications you will get the collection that GTA Online brought you. Let's continue with LS Intl. Airport on the first floor of the entrance of Lisa Vera that there is a bank on the left near the stairs where there is a gap, mirror park will be in the office of convenience store management, Monte Gordo when going down down the path in a bonfire that is between the three stores, Murrieta's height in the liquor store, there is a shelf with an ecola tray on the first shelf, paleto bay on the desk to the left of the saints customs building, Pillbox Hill look at the table outside the firing range when entering Ammu Nation.

We continue now with RA wind farm in Hippie Hangout on the porch of a camper on the beach, Mouse Canyon is located at the observation post on the top of the mountain overlooking the train tunnel, Richards Majestic will be sitting on the front wall to the hot dog stand in movie studio, rich man you have to go to the back of the mansion at the intersection of West Eclipse and Tongva Drive where the card will be in the chess statue, Richmen Glen in the safe of the Administrative office in the convenience store, Rockford Hills in the building facing life invade exactly upon entering.

The explanation to find all the playing cards will guide you to find the collection in GTA Online and you have many of the locations so far but there is still more and that is why we continue with San Chianski Mt. Distance in the houses in Cape Catfish the blue has the letter, sandy beaches on the pool table of Yellow Jack Bar, lady is in the hardware store of Freeway YouTool in a washing machine, Stab City is in the Hangout area safe Lost on the floor, strawberry Inside the Vanilla Unicorn in an entrance bank, Tataviam Mt at the Ammu Nation Counter, you locate it at a picnic table in the building, Vespucci Beach in the gym area at the banks, Vespucci Channels at the barber shop at the coffee table and Vinewood Hills at the Madrazo Ranch looking in the sheds in the back.

We go with West Vinewood in a chair at the hotel gentry manor, wading in the locker room of the discount store, paleto cove when going down the stairs of the pier on a railing, lady highway is located far away from the convenience store when climbing a Dirt road is reached at a picnic table, Banham Canyon on the shelf of the second convenience store, Davis in a parking booth at Maze Bank Arena and the table in the back at the cheap car store.

To end this guide you will have the easy way to find all the playing cards in GTA Online since it has the locations of each of them, so dedicate yourself and you will achieve it.

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