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GTA Online Getting Drunk at casino: How to access by getting drunk - Secret Mission

2019-08-16 16:20:03

 We hope you are ready to start this GTA Online guide, because today we are going to tell you how to complete the secret mission, access by getting drunk at casino.

If there is something we have to recognize from GTA Online, it is that the online open world video game has not stopped surprising us since its premiere. Without a doubt, the developers have given life to the game and thanks to the updates we have been able to enjoy endless fun.

The last most important update that the game has had was the one we could see recently as the "Diamond Casino and Resort" which brought a lot of interesting missions and activities among other addictions. Even some slightly shorter money missions with which you could earn some dollars in GTA.

What is the secret mission at the casino in GTA Online.

Since it is a secret mission that few users were aware of, we will give you a clue as of now, basic you have to access getting drunk at the casino.

Doesn't the track tell you much? Well, don't worry because in this guide we will tell you how to get drunk and complete this mission of GTA Online.

How to complete the mission by getting drunk at casino from GTA Online.

The first thing you need to know in order to access this mission is that you need to have the PentHouse master, this will allow you to access the GTA Online VIP membership, the highest limit tables in the casino, short missions in the casino, as well as the history missions in cooperative.

Now access the "Loose Cheng" mission of the first story, once the casino owner is back you can call Ms. Bake to access the casino missions.

But before making that call, you will have to complete a process which involves whiskey, a lot of whiskey. Access is necessary by getting drunk on the secret mission. So head to the main Diamond Casino bar or your private bar in the Master Penthouse. The first thing you'll have to drink is Macbeth Whiskey until you pass out.

Every time you drink Macbeth Whiskey to the point that you can pass out, when you wake up reappear in a different place, this place is random, so you can end up almost anywhere.

You will know that you have gained access by getting drunk on the secret mission of the GTA Online casino because you will have woken up with the help of paramedics in an area a little away from the casino. At that precise moment you will receive a call from Mrs. Baker who will be angry.

 In case you do not receive the call you will have to start the process again to be able to access by getting drunk on the secret mission.

Once you get access to the secret mission of the GTA Online casino, you will realize that it really is not as complicated as you could have imagined. Your task will be to drive a delivery truck that will be parked next to you, you will have to take it to the Diamond Casino and Resort.

The difficult thing about having to access getting drunk is that probably when you start the mission your sure character will remain drunk and your task is to take the truck intact to the casino, or well at least not blow it up. Also, if you do it while on a public server, this can become an odyssey.

The reward you get for completing this secret mission is not as juicy as we would like it to be, upon completing it you receive only $ 6,500. However, the real reward is that when you complete it, you have an extra conversation with Mrs. Baker who will tell you the crazy things you did while being drunk, no doubt an unmissable conversation ...

We hope that our guide on how to getting drunk on the secret mission of the GTA Online casino has been useful for you to have a good time in the online open world game.

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