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Pay attention if you want to know where to find the Halloween Slasher 2021 in GTA Online, because in the following article we will help you find it.

What is the Halloween Slasher quest 2021 in GTA Online?

This is part of the new weekly update on October 21 that brings to the game Supernatural Slashers, Aliens, Ghost Cars and UFOs, which is made up of two main focuses in this game, "The Slashers Event" and the "Ghost Car" . In The Slashers event you will be chased by four Slashers in four locations during the night and you will be tasked with finding the Halloween 2021 Slasher, which we will tell you below.

Where to find the Halloween Slasher 2021 in GTA Online?

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    • Slashers can be found all over the map, as long as you meet certain requirements:
    • The time in the game will have to be between 9:00 PM and 5:00 AM.
    • You will have to be free roaming outside of any building.
    • It will also be necessary to spend 16 minutes in the game from the start of the session.
    • Additionally, you will have to travel alone on foot or using any vehicle, with the exception of helicopters, flights, armed vehicles, boats or special vehicles such as Oppressor Mk2, Oppressor or Deluxo.

    If the above points are in order, you will have to go to the following locations to find the Slashers:

    • Clown Killer: found around the city of Los Santos
    • The Shape: Found around Paleto Bay, Mount Chiliad, and the Alamo Sea.
    • Fiery Driver: Fiery Driver - Seen around Los Santos and Redwood Light Tracks and La Puerta
    • Balaclava Destroyer - Found around the Tongva Valley, Banham Canyon, Vinewood Hills, and the Great Chaparral.

    That's all you have to know about where to find the Halloween Slasher 2021 in GTA Online, so now that we come to the end, we hope you can find him so that you continue to enjoy this Halloween event.

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