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With our GTA 5 guide you will learn more about How to uninstall mods.

What to know about the mods in GTA 5?

It is something very popular nowadays in this game, the installation and adding them turns out to be something simple, although there are others that are very complex, but many of these modifications are from third-party sources, which does not come with a guarantee that there is compatibility between the versions of the game, then it will get corrupted when installing them, being a solution in cases the reinstallation of the game, now it is possible that knowing how to uninstall mods we do not have to reach that extreme, so let's follow the content of this guide to directions, let's see.

How to uninstall mods in GTA 5?

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    Starting from a third-party application is that we can solve How to uninstall mods, this being GTA 5V Mod Remove Tool, this application will detect all the modifications that we have installed in our game folder, which will help us to remove them and for this we start with the download the application in, we extract the ZIP file and start the tool, we will be presented with a message indicating that we direct the tool to the root folder of the game, which will result in the detection of the mods that are installed, We will choose the one we want to delete.

    The files that will be detected are not native to GTA 5, normally they are always from third parties, the elimination of the mods should not bring us problems with the game, but otherwise we can verify the game files to restore them in case some are missing, without importing how we play this amazing game will be fun, certainly there are many interesting modifications such as the visual one, managing to scale the game on par with the most current generation, in case you have a mod installed that causes the correct loading of the game using the tool mentioned before we can remove it.

    In this way we finish our GTA 5 guide, now you know how to uninstall mods, just enjoy it to the fullest.

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