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GTA 5: How To Fix 0xc00007b Error on PC

2020-04-03 08:56:31

We have made for you a GTA 5 guide where we will discover How to fix error 0xc00007b on PC, keep reading.

What can we say about error 0x00007b in GTA 5?

Some games like NFS Most Wanted, Far Cry 4 to mention some for reference and that have come out after 2012 present us with that uncomfortable error, it should be noted that some users have posted some explanatory videos on YouTube but for everyone's bad luck none of them usually works As it should be, so we invite you to continue reading our guide because here we will give you the correct solution to How to fix error 0x00007b on the PC.

It is a game error but it is presented to us as an application that simply could not be installed satisfactorily, normally OK is pressed and it closes, but the problem is not if it closes, the detail is because they usually appear when it is run the game or simply some software and that is what has brought us here, since it is ideal to give you a solution and get rid of this problem.

Here the detail is because it disturbs us in Windows 10 when it is simply a more formidable operating system, it should be noted that this error used to appear with some games that had some software in the files that have the ability to create a C language, thus implying the need to have a compiler, but in this guide we will have another approach presenting you something more effective when it comes to wanting to know how to fix error 0xc00007b on the PC, based on Windows 10, because we need to give you a solution that we want to fully enjoy all the action that this then brings to us.

How to fix error 0xc00007b on PC in GTA 5?

 Before proceeding with all this work, it is important to download the Microsoft Visual 64-bit C Redistributable version and install it, and then proceed to restart our PC, then we open the game, it could be solved, but if not, there are two different ways to solve it. only it is necessary to test one by one.

Knowing how to fix the error 0xc00007b on the PC is a necessary process, but if the first option has not worked it is necessary to try this other one and for this we will have to download the All In One Runtime and install it on our PC, normally this software has the capacity to remove 0x00007b errors and bugs for all versions of Windows.

This is the Software that we must install, as these applications are necessary in GTA 5

  • 1. Microsoft Visual C 2005 (for x86 and x64 bit)
  • 2. Microsoft Visual C 2009 (for x86 as for x64 bits)
  • 3. Microsoft Visual C 2013 (for x86 as for x64 bits)
  • 4. Microsoft Visual C 2015 (for x86 as for x64 bits)
  • 5. The latest version of your graphics card driver with the latest version of Direct X.

 Now that you know how to fix error 0xc00007b on the PC it is time to apply it and enjoy everything GTA 5 has for us.

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