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Grounded: How to get advance tools

2020-07-29 10:20:44

Guide to learn how to get advanced tools in Grounded

This game shows in its beginnings that you only have the task of collecting simple objects to your surroundings, but later, as you progress, you discover the field station, you can access an analyzer that you can use to place the resources you find in it . Doing this allows you to learn how to make new crafting recipes, increasing the quality of the tools you can make to get even more resources.

When you want to create higher level tools, you have to collect even more dangerous resources, and you can do it by taking down the biggest creatures in the game, such as ants, ladybugs, cockroaches and spiders.

How to get advanced tools in Grounded?

One of the first second tier items you can find in Grounded is the ant club. The problem is that the ant club does not work on any of the resources it needs to collect, such as grass, but it still serves as a reference for collecting new objects and resources.

You'll need to eliminate stronger bugs in-game, which means you need to gather additional resources, make better weapons and armor to protect yourself, and then fight off the fearsome bugs that roam the game. Ants are a good choice, but they are tough, and worker ants will work together to get you out.

A good option for certain combat is to use ranged weapons. To do this, you should focus on creating arrows and making them available. Hit them from a distance because fighting them at close range is a huge risk, especially spiders.

Now that you know how to get advanced tools in Grounded you will be able to adequately prepare yourself in terms of your equipment and everything that is useful for your next adventures. Luck!

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