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2020-07-29 12:03:34

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The Grounded tour allows us to make use of many interesting tools, let's see How to fix the laser

Why should we fix the laser on Grounded?

As we move forward we realize that there is a possibility that the Mysterious Machine is weakening the laser, and this is simply not pleasant, as this involves using a recipe that we need to find because it involves a bit of craftsmanship and certain necessary elements such as the woven fiber recipe, a recipe that requires vegetable fiber and a powerful weapon because this mission can definitely get complicated.

How to fix the laser in Grounded?

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    This is a job that requires having to move to the tower where we can see that the laser simply looks weak, as soon as we get there we can see some red bugs that need to be removed, then from this process we take a torch with the object to move in the dark through the tunnel, here we eliminate any bugs that we find, we continue the journey seeing the cable and the only way to understand that we have reached the end is simply because the cable will disappear and at this point it is not necessary to go further as at this point we will get an icon on the wall to which we knock down with the hammer, take the resources and return to the machine where we will see that the laser is fired perfectly once again.

    In general terms, knowing How to fix the laser simply allows us to explore a little and eliminate some bugs that are in the way of Grounded.

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