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A lot of attention, because today we will tell you everything you need to know about how to earn Mettle in Griftlands.

What is Mettle in Griftlands?

It corresponds to an element that will allow you to permanently improve each character between one race and another, being the only thing that you do not lose when you die. Taking into account that it will take a lot of Mettle to be able to unlock everything in a character, knowing how to earn Mettle will be very useful.

How to earn Mettle in Griftlands?

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First, you will have to participate in a random event when you get to your first night in the history part of the game, which will allow you to find a vendor of mettle that only appears at night once unlocked, and you can buy and spend Mettle, besides that you can also improve your Flourishes.

By accessing the Mettle menu you will find several things that you can improve, from your basic health to how quickly you earn Bloom XP. However, this is nowhere near the best way to obtain this item.

Definitely the best way to obtain this item is by completing missions and facing enemies. So we recommend you access the missions that offer more Mettle, this will finally allow you to win later and learn more about the game without so much pressure.

Completing difficult matches is another good way to get Mettle, as this will allow you to gain experience.

That's all you have to know about how to earn Mettle in Griftlands, we hope our guide is as helpful as possible, and you manage to get as much Mettle as possible so that you are always in stock when you need it.

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