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Green Hell: How to Stay Alive - Survival Guide

2019-09-12 21:21:41

Again with you, this time our Green Hell guide, has been designed so you can stay alive in the game, we will tell you some tips and tricks to survive.

Once you start the game Green Hell, the first thing you have to do is make your own axe that will be of great importance in the game, your second goal is to get a source of clean water, since if you drink dirty water it will be harmful to your health, we recommend that you collect coconut water to drink, and you can use the shells to collect water when it rains. These are some of the options to stay alive in the game.

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    How to stay alive in Green Hell

    In Green Hell, you have to build a place where you can reside, mark landmarks or the correct coordinates on the map, this will make it easier to get when you leave, when you look at a magnifying glass near the status bar it indicates that you can have a wound or illness, so you should check and heal.

    Staying alive in the game requires a lot of things, once you have your settlement, you have to collect rotten food and see what you can extract from it, you will get some things that you cannot eat because they can be dangerous or contain poison, if suspect from it do not consume them or touch them because it could be your end. We recommend you to stay active and not lose control, avoid doing things in an exaggerated way such as eating, resting, among others, excess things can attract a monster and eliminate you.

    We also recommend avoiding bee hives, if they bite you they would do you a lot of damage, if you want some of your honey get away and throw stones at them so that they are fenced, avoid attacking them with sticks. Other animals that can poison you are blue frogs, avoid rubbing them.

    When you build your refuge in Green Hell big or small is your decision, you have to make a fire to cook the meat, either fish or other animals that serve as food. You should keep in mind that if you decide to face giant animals like a jaguar for example, you can die in battle, so think about it before acting. If you do and you emerge victorious you can extract their meat. Whenever you leave the hunt, mark points on the map so you avoid getting lost.

    Staying alive is not only about food, so we recommend you get or make better armor, what you have available for your materials are not common and you can suffer attacks more easily and cause blood loss. You have to be very careful if you decide to explore a cave since it is common for you to find a scorpion and it can bite you, we also advise you to bathe often in the rivers and thus prevent diseases from dirt.

    What weapons to use to stay alive in Green Hell

    The survival weapons that you can have available in Green Hell to keep you alive are: spears, bows ,and arrows. Spears are faster, bows and arrows also give you a lot of usefulness ingame.

    This is all for now, we hope this Green Hell guide has been very helpful and can stay alive during the game, do not forget each of our survival tips.

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