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Greedfall: How To Unlock The Coin Arena

2019-09-10 19:07:52

In this Greedfall guide, we will give you some interesting tips so you can unlock the Coins arena in the game, we hope our guide clarifies all your concerns.

In Greedfall, the first of the stadiums that you will have available to unlock, you will not see it pointed on the map, so if you do not know the precise place of its location you can ignore it, but do not despair, here we will tell you how to unlock the coin arena in your game

How to unlock the Coins arena in Greedfall

 Unlocking the Coins arena you can achieve it quickly once you are in New Serena, once there you must tour the city until you get a building called Coin Tavern, you will get to Barkeep you have to talk to him about what It happens in the basement of the building, with this you can get some coins. Once you get the coins you have to go to the stairs to cancel the entrance, then go down and you will look in the corner two double doors made of wood, go through them and they will take you to your first arena where you must fight.

 In this area of ​​Greedfall, you have to fight with many enemies until you reach the champion's merit and thus be able to get money, in a summary way you have to defeat 5 challenges in a row, in other words 15 fights, your best defenses are bullets and traps , so you should not miss, fortunately you can go out and enter the middle challenge, without changing anything and you can continue where you stayed.

We hope that with this Greedfall guide, you can unlock the Coins arena, more easily, do not forget to take bullets and traps to defeat your enemies easier when you are in the challenge fights.

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