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GreedFall: How to solve stones puzzle order

2019-09-10 20:39:32

Discover the correct way to solve stones puzzle order in GreedFall. All the details, here.

As you go into the history of GreedFall you will have to complete different missions, one of them is called Demoniacal Cult, where you will have the task of solving a stone puzzle. Therefore, this time we bring to you, the explanation on how to solve stones puzzle order of stones, so take a look.

How to solve stones puzzle order in GreedFall?

As part of the mission, you should follow one of the villagers through the forest to investigate what he is doing. Once there, you will notice that there is an ancient tree that forces the images in the mind of your character, who describes what he sees, giving you clues in the form of images to know what candles to light on the stones and in what order, since this It is the only way to progress.

To do this, you must circle the circle of stones and record each and every one in order to know its meaning. Subsequently, you will have to light the candles in the following order: wind - lightning - fire - death - water - life. But yes, make sure you don't interact with the wrong stones.

If you followed the steps correctly, then the door will open and you can enter the tunnel to continue your search. Follow the path to the cave and you will reach the next part of the trip.

Now you know how to solve stones puzzle order, so don't wait any longer and start this new GreedFall adventure.

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