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Greedfall: how to romance Siora - tips and tricks

2019-09-18 16:48:17

Greedfall, is a game full of romance when you want to have a protective warrior by your side, in this guide we will tell you how to romance Siora, to be your adventure partner.

This Greedfall game has a variety of romantic options and somewhat strange conquests, so if you are one of the players who like to be accompanied in the game, this is the opportunity for you to know how to fall in love with Siora and so you can have a lady who I will accompany you everywhere.

Who is Siora in Greedfall?

Siora is an independent lady in Greedfall, she is the main chief of the inhabitants of Teer Fradee, and an unsurpassed warrior in the defense of her beloved town, so we do not recommend facing her but looking for her good side and getting her to her favor. Fortunately Siora can easily fall in love with any genre within the game, she is bisexual, once you fall in love you will get an increase in your Vigor if your relationship reaches the end.

How to romance Siora in Greedfall?

Next we will tell you how to romance Siora in the game, the first thing you should do is complete several romance missions that you have to complete to get the love of this lady, the first mission in question is: Find Queen Bladnid, you will have it available for your search when you finish the mission The Battle for the Red Spears, when you finish the search choose the coded dialogue option, this conversation has to be very related to the farewell of your own mother, after that you will move on to the next mission.

The second mission of romance in Greedfall, is the Promise in stone, you will have it available once you finish the mission The Trial of the Waters, you will tell two important things that you have to keep in mind, one of them is to let yourself be bribed and secure his reason when Siora confronts you, you will not have the option to conquer it and you will have lost it, neither will you face it because you would also lose it, the second is the one that you must apply, you must choose the coded dialogue and just tell it that it seems logical , due to its culture. Once this mission is completed, the next and last romance with Siora is unlocked.

After completing the previous mission you will have the mission The farewell of the queen available, in this mission the only thing you have left is to select the coded dialogue again and tell her that you would understand if she had to help her people, Voila talks to her and from that moment you have already achieved how to romance Siora with success who will always be with you, you will also obtain the achievement of Minudhanem.

This is all, we hope that our guide on how to romance Siora in Greedfall, has been a great help in the game, do not forget to complete the missions indicated to unlock the romance missions, remember that if you want to win the love of this lady, You must not face her and let yourself be bribed.

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