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GreedFall: How to Increase Attributes and Talents Work

2019-09-10 20:43:55

Next, in this guide you will find everything you need to increase attributes and talents work in GreedFall.

What is GreedFall?

This is the action game genre video game developed by Spiders and published by Focus Home Interactive, its premiere is scheduled to take place today September 10, 2019 and will be available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC users.

It is very important that you keep in mind that in this game it will be necessary to increase attributes and character talents  work be able to go far, and precisely for that reason, we have prepared this guide on how to increase attributes and talents work to the characters.

How to increase attributes and talents work in GreedFall?

The first thing you have to know is that these improvements come slowly and not every time you level up.

To see your skill tree you will have to open the Character Development screen so you can review all unused points, spent points and the level you will receive the next point at.

Depending on the skills you have, the type of weapons you can use will be determined, and your abilities allow you to receive some bonuses on some aspects of weapons, allowing certain features to be improved.

The skills will also allow you to apply magic or poisonous potions to your weapons. We recommend you check all the nodes to see what is prepared for your weapons.

Be sure to start first with the most basic to be able to go to the most complex, for example, if you want to use two-handed heavy weapons, you will first have to start with one-handed heavy weapons to be able to buy all the nodes including the node fingers hands.

The skill points can be obtained totally free in the Skills Altars that are all around the map. Find them easily by the question marks that reflect them.

What are the attributes in GreedFall?

These are a type of mental and physical skills that your character has, these are made up of:

  •     Willpower, allows you to improve your amulets and necklaces.
  •     Strength, allows you to improve your blunt weapons with one hand and two hands.
  •     Metal power, allows you to improve your rings.
  •     Resistance, allows you to improve heavy armor.
  •     Precision, allows you to improve your firearms.
  •     Resistance, allows you to improve your heavy armor.

If you want all your combat elements, then we recommend you get the highest score you can in the previous attributes, this will allow you to play with greater skill and strength. This added to the skills you buy, will allow you to use some specific types of weapons and armor.

What are the talents work in GreedFall?

According to your talents work, your ability to create, participate in diplomatic conversations and more will be determined, these are composed of:

  •     Intuition, allows you to generate useful dialogue possibilities in missions.
  •     Science, allows you to break damaged walls, and create consumables.
  •     Lockpicking, allows you to choose locks.
  •     Charisma, allows you to reduce costs with merchants, in addition to creating dialogue options with NPCs.
  •     Craft, allows you to create weapons and armor.
  •     Vigor, allows you to make incredibly complex jumping or climbing routes in a very simple way.

This is how we conclude our guide on how to increase attributes and talents in GreedFall, we hope it has been very useful for you and take full advantage of the game with it once it is in your hands.

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