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Greedfall: How to Heal - tips and tricks

2019-09-11 23:15:06

In Greedfall, you will get with many creatures that can harm you while fighting with them, in this guide we are pleased to teach you how to heal the damage received.

This impressive game Greedfall, is already at your disposal on PC and for consoles, while you advance in the game, you will get with many very dangerous beasts, which will attack you and cause some unexpected damage, so you should know how Heal so that you keep your health at the highest level.

How to heal / cure in Greedfall

Fortunately there are ways to heal in the game, with health potions that you will get at the beginning of the game, they will be available in your inventory, but we recommend you link them in a shortcut for when you have to fight against one of your enemies, use them in your first Five minutes of combat.

It is very easy to heal, you just have to press L1 on PS4 and if you play with Xbox One LB, this way you will open the tactical pause menu, so you can choose what you want to do. Once you enter the menu go to the Potions tab, then Health Potions, then you have to press box or X, according to the button of your preference to add it.

When you find yourself fighting with your enemy and you need to heal yourself, just press the button you have chosen and you will immediately heal with passion. In Greedfall, there is another way that allows you to heal, as you know each player or teammate has some special attributes that help him in the fights. In this case Siora can heal you, if she is inside her team when she hears you scream, she will heal you, you will see orange lights that flash in your contour, while healing you using her magic, this is very important in the missions of fight over everything.

This is all we hope that our guide has been very useful in Greedfall, now that you know how to heal the attacks of your enemies, you just have to continue your journey in the game and fight with everything that comes your way.

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