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Greedfall: How to Beat Tree Creature - tips and tricks

2019-09-11 22:39:28

In this guide we are pleased to give you some very interesting tips and tricks so you can beat tree creature in the game Greedfall, we hope to be of your best help.

 In Greedfall, as we know we have a very tough fight against the creature at the end of the first main mission of the game, you must be very aware when you walk along the pier, one of the sailors there will shout to you that the creature has woken up, it is the moment for you to face it and you must be prepared to beat tree creature.

What is the tree creature like in Greedfall?

 This is one of the most difficult animals to destroy in Greedfall, the fighting strategy will depend on the character you choose when you start the game. Beating the creature of the Great Party mission tree is very difficult to achieve, if you are not prepared enough, this creature will destroy you in an instant, with only 3 of its hits in normal difficulty mode, on the other hand it is a beast very fast and if he knocks you down you will be very slow, he will continue to beat you until he destroys you. Fortunately there are some tricks to beat it.

How to beat tree creature in Greedfall?

To beat the tree creature, the first thing you should do is get its various types of attack, do not hurry and stay calm. You can block its attacks with R3, you just have to be very careful when you throw metal from the back, if you neglect and hit you you will not have many options to win. If you find yourself playing with Xbox One when you press x, or in another case if it is PS4 you press A, you can dodge attacks quickly if you are attentive to them, a minimum carelessness will be caught.

We recommend you keep the statistics in Greedfall, especially we recommend you have available magic construction or Magic Potions, so that you secure your MP, on the other hand you have to be attentive since it is very easy to lock with the feet of that animal, so you must being away If you focus on the melee battle it will be a little easier, the trick is that you do not start your attack wait for him to start his melee attack.

As expected it is very light, so it will jump immediately or crouch before starting the attacks, when it does this you have to go back, once the preamble is over, take the opportunity to attack it again before walking away. Another trick that you should use due to its speed is the tactical pause menu, you just have to press L1. Use this trick before using a potion as they are slow and will distract you to defend yourself with the corresponding button, and remember that button you must use at every moment. Continue in this way and attack it whenever possible, with patience you will destroy it, not lightly because you will be eliminated.

This is all for the moment, thanks for always being with us, we hope that this guide from Greedfall, has been of great help to beat tree creature, do not forget to be very attentive to their attack and their feet, it would be your destruction, attack it whenever you can melee and do not be anxious.

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