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Google Play Points: How to earn rewards

2019-11-05 10:42:22

This time we present for you a Google Play Points guide, where we will explain how to get free rewards.

  Did you know that Google Play has a program that allows us to accumulate points ?, well if you did not know, here we are going to tell you, that this is a program of games and in-app purchases, these points with exchangeable, for credit in the store, well this becomes interesting since this award system is brought to Google by the United States this week, through the launch of Google Play Points, which includes some free rewards.

How to get free rewards by registering at Google Play Points?

 Registration is extremely easy, since we only need to access the Play Store and here we only have to select the icon of the 3 points, which we can visualize in the top corner on the right side of the screen, there we are located in “Play Points "Once we have done this we can buy points through the Play Store.

 The points that we can collect can be exchanged for credits in the store, there are many ways to earn points and in this way to be able to level up, these points can be acquired with the purchase of applications, as well as with the making of in-app purchases

 How to earn free rewards in Google Play Points?

 In Google Play we are presented with several options, because with the fact of renting movies we can get money for every dollar spent, the weekly events are also quite feasible, here we are presented 4 levels within the points program.

 Once we sign up we appear on the silver level, and this will give us one point for every dollar we have spent, as we go up we can spend up to a maximum of 1.4 points for every dollar we spend.

In general terms, earning free rewards varies according to the points we achieve in Google Play Points events.

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