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Ghost of Tsushima: How to Beat the Ryuzo

2020-07-22 10:58:40

If you are wondering how to beat Ryuzo at Ghost of Tsushima, this article is perfect for you because we will cover everything you need to know.

Who is Ryuzo in Ghost of Tsushima.

Before telling you how to beat Ryuzo you have to know that even though Ryuso is not the most complex enemy in the game, it is a quite challenging enemy with a high level of power that will make you wonder how to beat Ryuzo and that's what that we are going to tell you in this article from Ghost of Tsushima on how to beat Ryuzo.

How to beat Ryuzo Ghost of Tsushima.

In order to defeat this boss you will have to know the basics of the duel face to face, since the entire siege of Kaneda castle acts as if it were a final test for everything you have learned so far, so we prepared for you a series of Recommendations that will help you against this boss of Ghost of Tsushima.

The first thing we recommend to be victorious in this battle is to maintain the stone posture to increase your chances of being victorious.

When it comes to armor we recommend equipping the Samurai Clan's Armor for health and a defensive boost, however you will need to keep your guard up as hits will still have some effect.

Most of Ryuzo's punches are slow and overwhelming, plus they are very difficult to predict and stop. The best way to stop them is to use the Perfect Stop and the Sword Stop to make some of their unlockable attacks paralyze and you can fight back.

You will have to be very attentive to when the boss lowers his sword because he will execute a powerful unlockable attack and a lockable hit, just like this attack, most of this boss's attacks have the capacity to produce a ton of damage, so you want to have as much resolution as possible to heal yourself.

You can use the Heavenly Strike after a perfect stop to get the maximum amount of damage.

There will be times when you will have to face Ryuzo with a sword but here there will be no way to have any advantage, although it is more than anything a moment of dialogue.

After defeating this boss for the first time, he will flee and call on various Mongol minions to cover for him as he escapes, allowing you to keep his straw hat with the tattered brim as a reward.

How to beat Ryuzo Ghost of Tsushima at Shimura Castle.

On how to beat the Ryuzo Ghost of Tsushima at Shimura Castle, you will have to face some of his new tricks that will complicate a little battle for you.

Even though Ryuso has some new tricks, he fights similarly to the last time, so the above recommendations are valid for this second match.

Among the boss's new tricks are a series of multiple spins that, unsurprisingly, are not easy to predict, and very difficult to time correctly for stoppages. So you will have to retain yourself unless it is completely safe.

Another move you're going to have to deal with is the Stone Stance stabbing that cuts through most of the defenses if they don't swerve with the Unyielding Parry.

Although it is difficult to launch a heavy attack against him, doing so will destroy his defenses and leave him vulnerable. We recommend using the Dance of Wrath, as long as you have clearly unlocked it, this movement will allow you to stagger and attack it. You can also use this move when Ryuzo's defenses are low enough to do a lot of damage to defeat him.

Please note that the main reward for this quest is the Ghost Armor you receive initially.

 This is everything you need to know about how to beat the Ryuzo Ghost of Tsushima, we hope that our article has been as useful as possible for you and you have managed to finish this boss as fast as possible. Don't forget that like this article on how to beat Ryuzo we have so much more about Ghost of Tsushima for you.

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