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Ghost of Tsushima: How To Beat Tengu Monk

2020-07-22 09:34:23

Ghost of Tsushima has among many things a number of formidable enemies and this precisely leads us to show you how to beat Tengu Monk

Who is Tengu Monk in Ghost of Tsushima?

  This is nothing more than an enemy that must be defeated at all costs, because we require a valuable tool and it is precisely the longbow, truly this is not a simple job because before defeating this enemy it will be necessary to know the Curse of Uchitsune which becomes a necessary search with a simply interesting reward.

How to search for the curse of Uchitsune in Ghost of Tsushima?

Definitely the first step that we must take in this mythical search is to locate the hidden tomb of the coast but for this it is vital to have a Yamato, we can get this one on the cliff specifically in the northeast of Hiyoshi Springs, as this will be who gives us more instructions about the mission. This really is a fairly intense search that requires visiting two islands but before heading to them it is important to check the crack to access thanks to the blue hydrangeas that will serve as a guide for our objective, the islands, it will only be necessary to advance through this way and let the cut scene pass.

One of the islands to which we must reach is full of blue hydrangeas, so it will be necessary to head north to access the island through the shallow waters crossing the sandbanks, here we notice that there is an entrance for a cavern, this is fantastic because it serves as a space to practice archery, but we cannot stay here long, because what we are really looking for is a next track and this indicates that it is the Uchitsune mountain, because our work of knowing How to beat Tengu Monk is beginning to bear fruit from the search for the bow.

Then we go to the mountain for it is necessary to go to the search center and from there to the south until we can see a number of blue hydrangeas, these will take us to the temple where it is necessary to locate the base and thus access the Long Arch of Uchitsune , at this moment Tengu Monk appears but and finally we have the necessary tool to defeat him, this occurs specifically in the Hiyoshi region.

How to beat Tengu Monk in Ghost of Tsushima?

 Searching for the Longbow took some time but it is simply a valuable tool, but it is not only necessary to use it to defeat Tengu, since it is important to contain the Stone's posture and maintain it throughout the fight, because with the Invincible Sword it is possible to contain the attacks caused by the enemy and it simply paralyzes them, but this allows it to counterattack, because here it is not useful to block their attacks, since it will only seek to dodge ours and if we neglect it can overwhelm us.

 Knowing how to defeat Tengu Monk can simply be something strong, for this it is necessary to do everything possible to exhaust it causing attacks of massive damage, especially it will be phenomenal to do it with the Heavenly Strike. It enters so much at this point it is necessary to be attentive to the moment in which it draws its sword because it usually causes a lot of damage, as soon as we see it executing this process in Ghost of Tsushima it will be necessary to move away, we just continue with our techniques and we are located at a distance to proceed to use the Longbow to shoot and eliminate it.

 Definitely knowing how to beat Tengu Monk simply requires our ability to enhance the quest for the Longbow as well as the ability to be a Ghost of Tsushima strategist.

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July 17, 2020
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