2020-07-13 11:49:05

Today we made a Ghost of Tsushima guide for you where we will explain how to preload

Why preload Ghost of Tsishima?

Because it is the much faster method to play, because it allows us to have the possibility of accessing this game immediately as it has been released, the important thing is to consider that the Internet connection is favorable and that we have enough space on our PS4.

How to preload Ghost of Tsushima?

The truth is that this is a fairly simple process and is done in this way:

  • Our first task is to head to the PlayStation store located on the home screen.
  • Then select the search bar at the top of our screen.
  • Next we proceed to write the name Ghost of Tsushima and as soon as we see it on the right side we select it.
  • Then on this page we can stop for a moment to read the necessary details where we can observe the information of the game to proceed to buy it.
  • Finally, we buy the game, so for some reason it is not ready to download, we can select the game in our library to locate the countdown timer and wait to select to have the game automatically preloaded when it is ready, then start the download process and when it is finished we must go to the home screen to see if it is already available to play and get the necessary entertainment.

Now that you know how to preload it's time to get ready to do it and have Ghost of Tsushima, so don't miss this opportunity that is just around the corner.

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