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This time we return with a Genshin Impact 1.6 update guide, aiming to explain who Sayu is?

What to know about Genshin Impact?


A new character has been officially announced by MiHoYo, this being Sayu, but there is also much to highlight due to the Inazuma leaks, now this time we have details of Who is Sayu? In this guide, we just have to follow the following content to the details, let's see.


Who is Sayu? in Genshin Impact?

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    It is a 4-star character of Inzuma, in a Mujina Ninja, something that is unknown, has a role in the future Story Quest for this, this has a figure similar to that of a doll called Panda Daruma, with a secondary purpose similar to that of Klee's mulecas, as for Who is Sayu? We have to highlight his combination of weapons and elements, it turns out to be unique if we compare with other characters in Genshin Impact, the weapon he has is a Claymore and is equipped with an Anemovision, something interesting to highlight is that despite the small body he has a Claymore not similar to his Anemo element, it must be that with this he can have the ability to lift a large weapon, even the strength he possesses.


     Everything seems to indicate that in Genshin Impact this character is going to be a healer or support in a certain way, the elemental burst of her is similar to the one that Diona has, because she makes a healing circle once I throw her Panda Daruma forward, I pressed this can cause Anemos damage to those enemies that are nearby, being the scope of a single target until its level improves, after that its ability can become AoE, it should be noted as to Who is Sayu? That it has two versions of elemental ability, which when activated does a burst of damage Anemo, but by holding down the button it can turn into a ball for about 20 seconds that will roll if the use of our resistance, something very useful to the time to be dodging and maneuvering in combat.


     The appearance of this character can make his ability look like that of other characters such as Klee, Qiqi and Yanfei, the secondary ability of these characters allows to see the special objects that come to be close, among which stand out the caecilians, the asterias of the wind wheel and more, we must consider that Sayu becomes ideal for the search for special objects in Inazuma, being the first character in it, regarding the release date everything seems to indicate that it could be in the versions 1.7 or 1.8, for the rest there is no date announced, being a 4-star character it could be normal to have it before other 5-star characters.

    Know Who Sayu is? It is interesting, because it allows us to meet one of the following characters that we will have in Genshin Impact 1.6 update.

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