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Searches usually occur on a regular basis in Genshin Impact which allows you to indicate where to find Una Ghost.

Who is Una Ghost in Genshin Impact?

This is just one of the spirits that are usually present in this game and to whom a request that they tend to entrust us must fulfill, so that today it is necessary to tell you about Where to find Una Ghost, which makes it important to launch into a personalized search, some nights here can be more complex than others, but what we do know is that helping the spirits is part of the mechanics of Genshin Impact, it should be noted that Una is a character that is usually seen in the ceremonial site before the cataclysm will take place.

Where to find Una Ghost in Genshin Impact?

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    This is a search that is usually carried out east of Mount Kanna, this means that we must take care of teleporting to the route point that may be closest and going north in order to find a ruin, once we have reached the place we must help Kito and Kina to cross, this can be a bit difficult because these two spirits usually meet in 5 different places, in this sense knowing where to find ghost ONE makes us focus not only on visiting the places but also doing it in the respective order Once this has been carried out, these spirits of Genshin Impact will give us a package called "Kito's Sachet" and indicate that it will be necessary to give it to Grandma Una.

    It is vital that Una can pick up the package, but when talking to her, she has some particular requests for us and is to visit her daily, in addition to keeping her company, in this sense, we must visit her a few days before executing the crossing, here We will see that Una usually talks about Sayo who is nothing more than a young woman who is usually on Tsurumi Island and who decides to leave the place, here we talk about many other things among which is usually the Thunderbird in charge of creating the fog cone a kind of protection, however, not necessarily this usually occurs in this way, although it is true, the bird can eliminate this fog so that people can see the sky and the stars, it will choose not to do so.

    This fog is the product of an object that has fallen and is part of the details of the map, it is also where many events tend to take place and here we must focus on various tasks, such is the case of knowing where to find Una Ghost, only that it seems that the fog is related to the questioning of the people for the authority of Celestia.

     Now that you know Where to find Una Ghost, you can implement the search and do the requested afternoon to continue progressing in Genshin Impact.

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