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Today we bring for you a Genshin Impact guide in which we will tell you about where to find the ward in the jakotsu mine.

What to know about Genshin Impact?


With access to the new region of Inazuma we are presented with the need to find and repair some sentinels, which is responsible for keeping the sky clear and end the storms that plague the island, among the objectives presented to us we must seek to solve where to find the ward in the jakotsu mine and the following content will be the details, let's see.


Where to find the ward in the jakotsu mine in Genshin Impact?


This quest places us on the island Yashiori, this being one of the islands that corresponds to the new region of Genshin Impact arrived with its update, it turns out to be an island that are kept constantly battered by rain, storms and covered with clouds, even lightning strikes it then, then on where to find the ward in the jakotsu mine leads us to locate the room we must focus on the world quests that are called the legacy of Orobashi, which leads us first to complete it before we go to do other things on this island, because it can be a danger the storm for us, when we find ourselves in the mine we will notice a tremendous hole in the ground where there has been an excavation, it is a place frequented by one of the NPCs who assigns us missions, it is Chouji and his treasure, which lets us know that the ward is here, but it is missing a piece apart from being broken as well.


Through the gap we can notice that we can see a series of pillars glowing that presents an electro-purple color being floating, in turn we can visualize a glowing blue dome that must be broken with the alignment of the pillars correctly in Genshin Impact, we have that the first of these pillars is close to Chouji at the top of the hole, we will notice that the first of the pillars presents a C shape, then about where to find theward in the jakotsu mine is required that we change the rotation or angle of the same with only interact.

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    We place the first of the pillars in oriented towards the east, this towards the second pillar located in front, which we must adjust to go towards the third pillar, while this will not require adjustments, moving to the fourth pillar is required to turn it about 3 times and adjusting the angle to indicate downward in Genshin Impact, in the case of the fifth pillar we will not do anything, while the sixth we turn it 3 times to point it towards the seventh pillar, which we must do point in turn in the direction of the dome and down after, the activation of the pillars can do it with the support of an arrow with the Amber or any DPS, then having properly aligned the pillars, we will hit the first with an attack, being ideal the Electrogranum on the ground to again launch into the air and return to the mine, on where to find the ward in the jakotsu mine a scene will be presented, and the dome will end up destroyed while the pillars are aligned properly.


    With this we have access to where to find the ward in the jakotsu mine, which will put us on the next thing to do in the mission, which is to find the remaining piece to return to work, with the help of the elemental view we can be guided to the cave that is located north on the floor of the mine, then we have to kill some enemies that are around the dome, then with the Electrogranum we interact to go through this dome, we will interact with the purple guardian that is shining in the center, which will make the dome disappear in Genshin Impact leaving a piece floating in the air, then we will climb some rocks to reach it.


    It requires a second piece that we can notice in Genshin Impact with the help of the elemental view that is located to the west, we will reach some stairs to climb to reach the grass Naku, we will be on where to find the ward in the jakotsu mine accessing another mine, where we focus on an electrocolored dome, looking up on the right we can notice it above us, this has the shape of a rock that will be protruding, with the Electrogranum we can launch ourselves to the location of this and pass through the barrier to take the second piece, which results in a purple stone, then placing both pieces we can access the next set of quests.

    Finally, now that we know where to find the ward in the jakotsu mine we can move on in Genshin Impact.

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