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Genshin Impact has come to occupy us a bit and this allows us to tell you where to find milk, let's see.

What does milk represent in Geshin Impact?

  This is a game that allows us to have the possibility of obtaining some amount of resources and materials necessary in the ascension process of both characters and weapons, milk is one of them, since it is a necessary item in the kitchen that plays a fundamental role of which it is necessary to speak and give it the importance it requires.

Where to find milk in Genshin Impact?

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    It is necessary to understand that there is no possibility of wasting sweet and fragrant cow's milk, the important thing is that this valuable resource can be obtained in some stores so it will only be necessary to choose to buy it, since with it it is possible to make some recipes such as It can be a delicious sweet, although it is also possible to make some other useful recipes in our kitchen and they can be these:

    • To make cheese you need 3 of milk.
    • To make toasts we use 1 milk 3 flour 2 tomato 1 onion.
    • To make heavy cream we use 1 milk.
    • To make almond tofu we use 3 milk, 1 sugar, 1 almond.
    • To make butter you need to use 2 milk.

    This is all you need to know about finding milk, as there is only the possibility of buying and making fantastic recipes at Genshin Impact.

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