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Searches continue at Genshin Impact which lets you know where to find fireflies.

What is the purpose of finding fireflies in Genshin Impact?

Simply having the opportunity to look for these little animals and extract from them the "Luminous Thorn" that in reality is usually a necessary material here, in this sense, knowing where to find fireflies turns out to be an important task, and it may not be very complex, This is because these fireflies are usually abundant, especially if we go to carry out this search to the southwest of the main continent.

Where to find fireflies in Genshin Impact?

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    To carry out this search, it is necessary to consider:

    • Mobilizing through different places, specifically the southwest of Teyvat is favorable.
    • Once we find the firefly, it is usually necessary to press F and take it from the air, in order to achieve the "Luminous Thorn".
    • We must run this search only at night and move the clock in case of not seeing them.
    • To date there is no possibility of finding fireflies in the Golden Apple Archipelago, however, they may appear later, which implies that they should be discarded.
    • It is necessary to bear in mind that these insects usually come out between 10 at night and 2 in the morning.
    • When carrying out the respective capture of these fireflies, we must be as stealthy as possible so that they cannot be scared away.

    In general terms, knowing where to find fireflies offers us the opportunity to go to a specific place and thus access to locate these insects in Genshin Impact.

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