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At one point of Genshin Impact you will come to wonder what Aba Mosi Dada means if you are not already wondering, so pay attention to this article.

What is the Mimi Tomo event at Genshin Impact about?

This is a special event that will allow you to learn more about the Hilichurlian language, so when a Hilichurl tells you to look for his target Aba Mosi Dada, it will be important to know what he means. So pay attention so that you know what Aba Mosi Dada means.

What does Aba Mosi Dada mean in Genshin Impact?

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According to Ella Musk's Hilichurlian Handbook, Aba Mosi Dada means "from awakening to lunch," which refers to a way of saying between sunrise and noon.

What you have to do in these cases is to use the wait function until the clock indicates any time between 6 in the morning and noon. At this point in the day you should see a yellow circle on the map, which marks the general location of the Hilichurl Inucual that you will have to face. You must bear in mind that this creature will do a lot of damage and has a good amount of HP in its favor, in addition to that it can summon other Hilichurls to support it, but in general the battle is not complicated, so do not worry so much.

This event is now ending and those who have completed all the sightings will have 420 extra Primogems to their name, which you can use to get more wishes for the new characters and much more.

Now that you know what Aba Mosi Dada means in Genshin Impact, we hope you were able to finish this event of the

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