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Genshin Impact has more content for us, and that is why we explain how to unlock the map of the Inazuma region.

What is the purpose of unlocking Inazuma in Genshin Impact?

Simply having the possibility of exploring the map that has been incorporated recently and where there are many interesting activities to complete, in such a way that knowing how to unlock the map of the Inazuma region offers us the opportunity to explore the third region of this game, and where we get more characters with whom we can fight and progress.

How to unlock the Inazuma region map in Genshin Impact?

Before embarking on this activity, we must bear in mind that it is necessary to have:

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    • An adventure range of 30 or above.
    • Have completed Chapter II Act I of the Archon Quest.


     There are three specific areas that we get to know when we know how to unlock the map of the Inazuma region and these are:

    Narukami Island: this is an area necessary to unlock and therefore explore in Genshin Impact, in fact most of the most relevant actions that we get usually occur in this area, among which the following can be highlighted:


    •  The main quest of the traveler in Inazuma usually takes place around the city of Inazuma and the shrine of Narukami.
    • We got Ayaka's house on the Kamisato estate.
    • We got the Sacred Sakura.
    • We got to the main point of interest in the city of Inazuma.


     Yashiori Island: this is another of the areas to explore and is usually a space where the story related to the Electric Archon Raiden Shogun usually occurs, who according to the story he fought against a large snake on the island and fortunately managed to win When making use of a powerful attack, only when executing it it made the island almost cut into two parts, in fact it is possible to see the bones of the snake here.

    Kannazuka: we keep talking about How to unlock the map of the Inazuma region and this makes it necessary to think about this place, because we got the new Pyro Hypostasis boss, but this does not stop there because we get some amount of rewards among which are usually Ascension Materials, this area is typically home to the nation's largest smelting facility, in addition to the Mikage furnace.

    It should be noted that as part of unlocking this region we are allowed to have some exploration features that are usually:


    •  This is a very different place than Mondstadt and Liyue used to be.
    • We can get Balethunder which is nothing more than an environmental effect present in Genshin Impact and can only be fought using electrograin that is present in Thunder Sakura Boughs.
    • The electrogram can be improved and for this it will only be necessary to level up Sakura Sagrada, it is also possible to collect the Electric Sigils for improvements in certain levels in Genshin Impact.
    • It is possible that our characters could lose HP constantly due to constant electrical energy.
    • It should be noted that the electrogram is a fundamental part to execute the exploration of Inazuma, so raising it to the level of Sakura Sarada is a necessary task.
    • With the electrogram we are allowed to cross some obstacles of the Thunder Barrier, in addition to being able to travel through the spheres of thunder.


    In this sense, knowing how to unlock the map of the Inazuma region offers us the opportunity to enter this new region in Genshin Impact and that has a lot of content of interest to everyone.

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