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Today we bring you a Genshin Impact guide where we will talk about How to solve the Jueyun Karst puzzle.

What to know about Jueyun Karst in Genshin Impact?

It is an access bridge to one of the hidden places where we can find puzzles, loot and more, to access a secret location we have to focus on Jueyun Karst, which turns out to be a lake that is to the north and something to the east of the Tianqiu Valley, it is certainly of great proportions, here it is necessary to know how to solve the Jueyun Karst puzzle with which we can drain the water to have access to the mansion, now to have the details we will continue with the next content.

How to solve Jueyun Karst puzzle in Genshin Impact?

Certainly with the arrival of the recent update, the necessary solutions for the different puzzles are maintained, specifically for this hidden place it benefited from this update so to understand How to solve the Jueyun Karst puzzle in Genshin Impact you have to consider some steps and we will see them at continuation.
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    • First pillar: what we will do for this is to go to the northeast of the lake to find it, we must defeat the enemies on 3 occasions, it is important that we use the elemental counters to achieve it quickly, after that we will take the treasure chest prior to the jump towards the pillar, we get to interact with it by using the orange button that is glowing, it will start a scene in Genshin Impact that will show the division of the lake halfway in water, then it is necessary to work on the second pillar.
    • Second pillar: regarding How to solve the Jueyun Karst puzzle we have that after part of the water has been drained, a second pillar is visualized, this one has orange runes that shine on the sides and on this one a rock, highlighting some very small statues in around them that are like a pagoda, so what we will do is fill each of these with a bright orange rock, which are found everywhere in the lake, they are like large black flowers, with orange pieces and Inside they have a shine, what we will do is attack the rocks until they are destroyed, which will put it in our inventory, then we return to the statue to activate the rock, we must bear in mind that there are 3 rocks to activate the same number of statues, after that we interact with the pillar in the center of the circle to present another scene and thus access another stage of the puzzle, it is important to take the treasure chest to see what loot we get.
    • The door of the mansion: when we have managed to drain the entire lake, we will see that the focus of the scene is towards the door, which can be accessed from now on, we will find in front of it a treasure chest, we take it and continue through the door , which will open just by interacting, having access to 4 levels of the mansion, to go to the depths of the place it is ideal to have a good team of characters.

    Finally, now that we know how to solve the Jueyun Karst puzzle we can move on in Genshin Impact.

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