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Today we bring you a Genshin Impact guide where we will talk about How to solve the Amakumo Peak puzzle.

What to know about Genshin Impact?

The recent update 2.1 has brought with it a series of important changes, among which some new puzzles and reward have been added, being necessary to work on the mission of the Seirai Storm Hunters, now in this regard we must consider How to solve the Amakumo puzzle Peak, something that is presented explained in this guide in its next content, let's see.

How to solve Amakumo Peak puzzle in Genshin Impact?

What we will do about How to solve the Amakumo Peak puzzle is to go to that location, by means of teleportation at the waypoint that is located northwest of the island, then we will arrive at the puzzle in Genshin Impact south of the water right in the center, around here we must be attentive to the many Amakumo fruits that are found, there are in turn many enemies that we will face, something that can help us is a heavy hitter in our team, having the area clear we have to press by stepping on the 4 pressure plates in a certain order I feel this for the first the last bottom row, the second the last top row, the third in the middle of the middle row and the fourth the first in the upper row.
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    The center of the plate must be highlighted, because a chest containing 5 primogems and more will be presented, then we have to on How to solve the Amakumo Peak puzzle we will press start on the mechanism of the cube that is close to the pressure plates, which will help the water level to fall and give us access to the subsoil, here there will be sentinels of the ruin, when we reach this point of Genshin Impact what we will do is face a couple of sentinels to access the mechanism that follows, you have to activate it so that the water is drained again, managing to access another chest with rewards.

    What we will do now about How to solve the Amakumo Peak puzzle is to reach the red barrier that is below and then touch the seelie, we activate the red mechanism on the right to pass the barrier, and we have to touch the seelie again to go to the mechanism yellow on the left, we will be in another room to tighten another red mechanism, and we go out to tighten the yellow mechanism, now we have to go after the shiny seelie up some stairs until it disappears, we can take a chest of a couple of primogems and then we will be with a new seelie, we jump, and we have to continue in Genshin Impact making the yellow mechanism have a horizontal line activated, we will go up the stairs going up to activate the red mechanism, we jump through a gap to the left of this to continue reaching a mechanism yellow, when turning we will go through the seelie above to go through the fallen barriers.

    The next thing that will happen in Genshin Impact is the disappearance of the seelie, accessing another chest with rewards, after that we will go up the stairs noticing another seelie that will disappear to allow our access to a blue barrier, we continue on How to solve the puzzle of Amakumo Peak arriving at a ruined sentry, to the left are some stairs that we continue to interact with a red mechanism and return to the location of the sentry and the red barrier will fall, we can pass and activate the blue mechanism, we go up again the stairs passing the sentry to go to the top passing the blue barrier going down, we find a yellow mechanism, and we will go down the stairs reaching a sentry that has a blue mechanism next to it.

    We have to go through another blue barrier to be available in the next room on How to solve the Amakumo Peak puzzle, which will place us before the last seelie and thus add another series of rewards, also finding a mechanism to interact, going down with This in Genshin Impact the water for the last time, we will go down and find a trio of chests, while we will also have completed the puzzle.

    Finally, now that we know how to solve the Amakumo Peak puzzle, we can move on in Genshin Impact.

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