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We invite you to discover How to search for magazines in a buried land, a new task in Genshin Impact.

What to know about the earth buried in Genshin Impact?

With the arrival of the recent update 1.2 we have to have access to a new area of our map, known as the dragon's thorn, it is here where we will face missions like this one of the buried land, which consists of the search for a lost magazine called South Base Camp, access to this mission is to talk to Hertha in Mondstadt, then when we came across said magazine we got to talk to Stevens in Galesong Hill, which leads us to the search for 2 other magazines, one is in the statue of the seven in the dragon thorn and the other requires the solution of a puzzle, now the details to come will guide us as to how to search for magazines in a buried land, so let's see them.

How to search for magazines in a land buried in Genshin Impact?

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    • Reach location 3 of the magazine: for this, one of the beacon is required that allows us to find the first magazine of the south base camp, which is near the Starglow cavern, then to the southwest of this we must go, go down the hill where there is a pool filled with ice and that has a pyre on each of its sides.
    • The activated puzzle: in the surroundings of the square there are 2 Pyro Seelie floating, which are the main part of the puzzle, which will lead us to send these seelie to a suitable direction with a fright in order to light the pyres that They are found in each corner of the pool and in this way break the ice.
    • Solution to the puzzle: then to begin with, to the west of the pool, we must follow the seelie so that from that point it runs through the pool to the south corner, then we do the same with the remaining seelie, and we will have all the pillars illuminated to be able to break the ice in Genshin Impact, considering that in the middle of the process we can be injured by freezing, which is ideal to have a heating bottle, but seelie can keep us warm.
    • The ice sheet: we come to another ice sheet as an obstacle in terms of how to look for magazines in a buried land, this time it is a circle of 6 pyres that have 3 hot seas next to it, so you have to go by the seelie of the western, with the purpose that these move clockwise, achieving the unlocking of this second layer and that also frees a guard against ruin that has level 71 and will attack us, so we must defeat it if we want to obtain the third magazine in the chest that is on the opposite side of the pool, this chest does not appear until we have defeated this guard.

    In conclusion, knowing how to search for magazines in buried land is excellent, because we can advance further in this interesting and moving Genshin Impact.

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