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Genshin Impact has more for us, and therefore it is necessary to explain how to Reach AR50.

What does it mean to reach AR50 in Genshin Impact?

Simply, take care of working hard to reach a very high level of adventure, this is undoubtedly a task that can become complex for beginners, but as progress is made it will change, so it is vital to know how to Reach AR50, especially taking into account that there are several ways to achieve it, doing so allows us to get new areas that we can explore.

How to Reach AR50 in Genshin Impact?

There are several ways to achieve this, and this implies:

Get involved in the adventure manual: this is a first action to execute, in this case we must be clear that it is nothing more than a player guide that allows us to progress in Genshin Impact and where we must consider:

  • We are allowed to set particular goals, where finishing allows us to access rewards that are necessary.
  • The most ideal way to be able to achieve these objectives is to win in different ways several times, this means completing different requirements in one go.
  • We can unlock the mission Welcome to the adventurers guild that is usually carried out after the Prologue and from this how to reach AR7.

this is another important way to know how to get to AR50 and this game offers several collectibles, in this sense, it is necessary to take into account:
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    • There are two main collectibles and these are Anemoculi and Geoculi.
    • It is ideal to start with the Anemoculi, and they are usually in Mondstadt.
    • We can use the Anemoculi collectibles in Genshin Impact to level up the Anemo Statue of the Seven because with it, we can get a lot of XP, in addition to increasing the resistance bar.
    • Being more resistant, we can explore in search of treasure chests, opening them can give us XP.

    The dungeons:
    we continue talking about how to Reach AR50, and it is that the dungeons are places where we can only play once for each domain, but there are several repeated ones in Genshin Impact and this is favorable, in this case we must:

    • The dungeons are repeated in Teyvat, and we will be able to access them when we reach a certain adventure rank.
    • Lower level dungeons are usually easy, fun, and get a good amount of EXP when you complete them.

    The bosses: we continue working on Genshin Impact and the fact is that the bosses are part of this goal to be achieved, so we must take into account:

    • There are weekly bosses, and they are Dvalin, Andrius or Childe, they offer us rewards, artifacts, weapons and EXP.
    • Boss rewards are usually claimed by spending Resin per run, an amount of 40.
    • Bosses typically reset every 5 minutes after being defeated, so you can repeat the same boss fight until the resin runs out.
    • The lowest adventure ranks are usually after reaching AR16.

    Ley lines: this is another of the tasks to perform to find out how to Reach AR50, and that is that ley lines are nothing more than circle-shaped symbols that usually appear on the map, they can be yellow or blue, and in this case it is necessary to consider:

    • We are allowed to fight with some monsters and enemies from the outside world.
    • Defeating the monsters allows you to get a considerable amount of adventure EXP, in addition to Mora or EXP books for our characters.
    • The blue circular symbols allow you to get EXP books and the yellow ones Mora.
    • To claim the rewards, we must have 20 resins per race.
    • In the case of beginners, the yellow ones are ideal, because we get Mora and this is usually useful for the AR range.
    • Each player will receive an amount of resin for each day and increase the rank.

    After reaching AR19 we can increase the world level 1 of 5 AR ranks, this allows to increase general levels of enemies, as well as account rewards, however, this makes it a more challenging game.

    Now that you know how to Reach AR50 it is time to execute these objectives and thus continue to progress in Genshin Impact.

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