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Genshin Impact has more activities to run in this update and therefore we will explain how to make pizza.

What is the point of making pizza in Genshin Impact?

Simply having the possibility of trying another dish that is part of the many recipes that we have come across and that may be necessary to see in this game, for this activity we must get involved in a particular mission, in addition to having to collect the ingredients necessary, this leads us to consider meeting the daughter of the Kamisato clan, Ayala.

How to make pizza in Genshin Impact?

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    Our first task is to locate the necessary ingredients and they are these:


    •   2 cabbages: these can be obtained in nature, we just have to explore to get them.
    • 4 mushrooms - This is another ingredient we get while exploring in the wild.
    • 3 flours: this ingredient must be purchased at the Wanmin restaurant in the Port of Liyue or, failing that, at the Good Hunter's shop in Mondstadt.
    • 1 cheese: this ingredient turns out to be somewhat complex, because we first need to get 3 milks in Second Life or in the general products store, to be able to process it and thus make the cheese.


      Once we have all the ingredients we proceed to cook them together and go with Ayaka and deliver the pizza to continue exploring Inazuma.

      This is all you need to know about How to make pizza, in such a way that it allows us to have the possibility of having another dish with us in Genshin Impact.

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