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Genshin Impact has come to occupy us for a long time which makes it important to tell you how to get wine and song.

What is wine and song in Genshin Impact?

These are simply a type of weapons that have recently been included in this game thanks to version 1.4, since it is worth considering that "wine and song" usually have unique passive abilities changing, it is good to know that these are four-star weapons and that the number of novelty weapons included today is usually a total of 4.

How to get wine and song in Genshin Impact?

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    When we manage to run version 1.4 our game will therefore be updated and that is where the possibility of getting hold of these new weapons arises, since these 4 weapons are available since March 17, specifically we talk about "wine and song", because we must consider that this is usually in the "Invocation of the epitome" and will only be available to us until April 6, because we have enough time to find it as well as the other three that are available, for this there is no need to fight much nothing more than to settle on completing some particular objectives and these are:

    • Get 6.7 percent energy recharge as a secondary stat.
    • Get 30.6 percent energy recharge as a maximum secondary stat.
    • Have a 44 base attack.
    • Have 565 maximum base attack.

    This passive skill weapon is usually quite viable for Mona, as it has the ability to increase ATK by 20 percent for 5 seconds while using a normal spint, it also has the ability to reduce resistance by 14 percent for 5 seconds, Mora is a very favorable character for 4-star weapons.

    This is all we can tell you about how to get wine and song, in this way we only have to get hold of it and get the necessary benefit from it in Genshin Impact.

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