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With our Genshin Impact guide you will learn more about How to get Tsurumi Island Electroculus 30.

What to know about Tsurumi Island in Genshin Impact?

It is about one of the places of danger in the game, considering the enemies and that it is covered by a thick fog that prevents us from exploring it, a group of puzzles is presented here and one of them leads us to discover How to Get Tsurumi Island Electroculus 30 and the following content presents the necessary details to progress, let's see it.

How to get Tsurumi Island Electroculus 30 in Genshin Impact?

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    What we will do in terms of How to obtain the island Tsurumi Electroculus 30 first is to find the peculiar pinion contraption, having this purple pen we can find with using it the hidden objects, it is necessary that to obtain this we have completed the eighth world mission of the Maushiro, It turns out to be part 2 of the missions that are through the fog, after the peculiar car's mission, we must find lose and find again in the mission, where we give the Maushiro to Sumida, when we talk with Katherine We can start this mission in Inazuma city, the use of the pinion in Genshin Impact requires equipping it while on Tsurumi island, when we approach the object to interact we will see that the icon in the center of the screen flashes, which results be a clue of its location, pressing the button to use the gadget will lead us to discover the hidden objects and among them the electroculus 30.

    The location takes us to the northwest of the section of the part of Tsurumi Island, here is a cave that we will enter to look for an opening to the east, this places us in the depth of the subsoil, under the ocean, we must be attentive to the Rifthound enemies as we progress through the tunnels until we reach a round door, we go through it and continue along the edge of the cliff, we find a wall to the left that should lead us to use the peculiar pinion and thus emit a sound to know that we are close, when we turn to visualize the wall on the left we find a hole, inside this will be the electroculus 30.

    This is all you need to know about How to get Tsurumi Island Electroculus 30, you just have to do it and thus progress in this Genshin Impact move.

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