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The elements in Genshin Impact are vital and therefore it is convenient to explain to you how to obtain the crimson agate 10180, let's see.

What is crimson agate in Genshin Impact?

  This is just a necessary element, ideal to get the "Ice Tree" level up, which makes us have to go through the entire region of the Dragon's Thorn to carry out its respective search, this is because knowing How Obtaining the Crimson Agate 10180 makes us have to explore enough, this is a task that in a way can become somewhat complex, especially because there are a number of boss enemies that are usually there.

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    How to get the Crimson Agate 10180 in Genshin Impact?

     Our job is to go to the region of the Dragon's Thorn in Skyfrost Mail, as it consists of locating a cell that is usually closed, there we will see that there is an ice mechanism, so this is a task that is usually discovered with a person from Pyro, it is precisely with this one that opens up the chance of starting the mechanism and proceeding to move to the southwest edge because it is possible to get a Ruin Grader that is usually sitting near a Scarlet Quartz deposit, here we get to recover the quartz Scarlet, so that attacking the tank is a necessary task, after this we can see that the character is covered with a red aura, which makes us move with speed to the closed cell regardless of the enemies we manage to get. On this way.

    Next, it is necessary to take care of heading to the left of the door where we can see a mound of magical ice, here it is important to be able to attack the ice while we are surrounded by the aura of scarlet quartz, because even when we have a Pyro character we cannot there is some possibility of melting the ice, which leads us to apply other techniques. Now, with the ice removed, our task does not finish, because this makes us carry out another activity where we achieve that the door can be raised and thus gain access to a common chest, in addition to a precious chest, this second chest usually contains our agate crimson and is shrouded in a red aura

    Obtaining this crimson agate leads us to understand that it is possible that its source is exhausted, in such a way that this makes us occupy ourselves with carrying out more explorations in the region with the objected finding some deposits and in this way achieving a level up the ice tree.

     In this sense, knowing how to obtain the Crimson Agate 10180 makes us take care of an interesting task, because, at the end of all this, it is only a reward in Genshin Impact.

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