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Genshin Impact version 1.4 has a lot of interesting content and this leads us to explain how to clear Bullseye Balloon in Windblume Festival.

What is the challenge of clearing Bullseye Balloon in Windblume Festival in Genshin Impact?

  This is simply an important activity that we must carry out and it is part of the "Windblume Invitation" event, in this sense, knowing how to clear Bullseye Balloon in Windblume Festival leads us to participate in some activities in order to get some tickets to the event store.
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    How to clear Bullseye Balloon in Windblume Festival in Genshin Impact?

    The task here consists of shooting some balloons in order to keep some points, in reality it is a fairly simple activity to execute, because in doing so we get the option that there are 4 different challenges within "target balloons" and they have these characteristics:


    •  Three of these challenges usually have a timer.
    • The four challenges usually give us points.
    • The points are favorable to obtain rewards as well as holiday tickets.


     Now, when selecting a challenge, the highest score appears, in addition to the scores that we have to overcome, we are allowed to select the chests that are usually located next to the portraits of the characters and the rewards that are usually associated with the scores.

     To start this challenge of target balloons it is necessary to click on "Go to the challenge", and for this we must go to the bottom part of our screen where the event marker is usually located, from there it is necessary to run and interact with the event board to kick off our actual work on Genshin Impact.

    We start shooting as many balloons as possible and for this it is vital to consider:


    •  The green balloons, "Blooming balloons": these usually give very few points, since they have 20 without a combo, and 30 after reaching a combo of 5 or higher.
    • The orange balloons, "Flowering bouquets": these usually offer us a higher amount of points, since we get around 100 without combo, and 150 after reaching a combo of 5 or higher.
    • Orange Bear Celebration Balloons - These usually pop all the surrounding balloons in an AOE.
    • Red balloons, blooming heartbreaks: these balloons are usually negative, because they subtract about 40 points when they explode, they can also eliminate the combo.


     In this sense, it is necessary to consider:


    •  The balloons usually disappear after a while and are replaced by some combinations.
    • The shiny balloons are about to disappear.
    • It is vital to keep in constant motion to be able to observe all the balloons.
    • It is important to direct the shots to reach them as some tend to move continuously.


    This is all we can tell you about how to clear Bullseye Balloon in Windblume Festival, as it is a task that keeps us attentive and busy at Genshin Impact, give it a try

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