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Read on, so you know how to buy recipes in Genshin Impact, because with this article we will tell you how to do it.

What are the recipes in Genshin Impact?

They correspond to the food dishes that you can cook in the game, keep in mind that this has a lot of food that you can access as you buy recipes. For this reason, it is important that you know how to buy recipes.

How to buy recipes at Genshin Impact?

The recipes can be obtained by completing quests, reputation rewards, domains, chests, and purchasing them from some Teyvat stores. With this in mind, so that you know how to buy recipes in Genshin Impact, we have prepared a list of stores and the recipes that you can find in them below:

How to buy recipes at Genshin Impact? - Stores and recipes

  • Monstadt - Sara, the good hunter

At Sara in Good Hunter, near the stairs leading to the main entrance of Monstadt, you can access several of Monstadt's favorite recipes:

Sautéed matsutake

"Pule 'Em Up"

Shrimp Tray With Crispy Potatoes

Mint jelly

Tea break pancake

Cream stew

Calla Lily Seafood Soup

Flaming Red Bolognese

  • Yueshu - Xinyue Kiosk

This site can be found in the middle of the Liyue port, on the other side of Mingxing Jewelry, and where you will find the following recipes:

Full moon egg

Stir-fried fish noodles

  • Liyue Chef Mao - Wanmin Restaurant

This is located near the Adventurer's Guild in the port of Liyue, and in it you will find dishes from the legendary cuisine of Liyue:
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    Three-layer consommé

    Universal peace

    Mint meat rolls

    Grilled tiger fish

    Rice buns

    Chicken with Chile Jueyun

    Glass shrimp

    Mint salad

    Squirrel fish

    Come and get it

    Crab Roe Tofu

    Black loin perch stew

    • Licai-Liuli Pavilion

    This place is a little west of the Xinyue kiosk, where Licai will have the following recipes for you:

    Dry Pot Of Cured Pork

    Stone Harbor Delights

    • Ms. Bai - Qingce Village

    This place is located between the great water wheel and the house of Granny Ruoxin and in it, you can find the following recipes:

    Jueyun Guoba

    Noodles with mountain delicacies

    Qingce Stir Fry

    • Verr Goldet - Wangshu Inn

    Here the Wangshu Inn boss, Verr Goldet, sells the following recipes:

    Sautéed Shrimp

    Vegetarian abalone

    Bamboo shoot soup

    • Herbalist Gui - Bubu Pharmacy

    This place is north of Liyue and in it you will find everything related to herbs and medicines and the Recipe for Bird Egg Soup and Lotus Seed.

    • Ryouko - Ritou

    Ryouko is a street food vendor, who you can find in Ritou, in the southern part of the island, near the port, and he sells the Recipe for dry braised salted fish.

    • Inazuma Shimura Kanbei - Shimura's

    This restaurant is located in front of the Adventurer's Guild in Inazuma and in it you can find the following recipes:

    Five pickled treasures

    Sakura Shrimp Crackers

    Egg roll

    Miso soup

    Sweet shrimp sushi

    Tonkotsu ramen

    Tortilla Rice

    Unagi chazuke

    Bird Egg Sushi

    Mixed Yakisoba

    Grilled Unagi Steak

    • Kiminami Anna - Kiminami Restaurant

    This place is located on the other side of the Amenoma smithy in Hanamizaka, in the city of Inazuma. In it you can find the following recipes:

    Skewer of three flavors


    More and more

    Soba noodles

    Tuna sushi

    Berry Mizu Manjuu

    Tricolor dango

    Radish and Fish Stew


    That's all you need to know about buying recipes at Genshin Impact, so now that we're done, we hope you'll be able to access all the recipes over time so that you can prepare any dish in the game.

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