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With the following article we will tell you how to beat Rifthound enemies in Genshin Impact, so pay attention and read on.

Who is Rifthound in Genshin Impact?

This is a new creature that has just been added to the game with the arrival of the latest update, "Into the Perilous Labyrinth of Fog", it is a creature of the abyss that corrodes whatever it touches, including the boundaries of the world, they usually walk in groups of two or three and can be found in the new area "Tsurumi Island". They are quite a dangerous type of enemy that will make you want to know how to beat Rifthound enemies and that's why we are here with this article.

How to beat the Rifthound enemies in Genshin Impact? - Quest

First of all the first thing you'll need to do is head to Tsurumi Island, where you can find this enemy all over the island, especially in the Autake Plains.

These come in two varieties: Rockfond Rifthounds, which are related to e lGeo Element and come in two sizes Regular Rifthounds and smaller Rifthound Whelps that have less health.

Thundercraven Rifthounds, which are related to the Electro Element.

How to beat Rifthound enemies in Genshin Impact?

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    Rifthounds will attack mercilessly using their claws, along with the corrosion status effect that applies to the entire group when inflicting and causing damage over time. The best way to deal against this is to use a character that has good freeze healing skills or the petrification status effect, so that the Rifthound does not generate corrosion in the first place, as trying to use shields would be futile.

    This enemy is resistant to its own element, however, hitting them with their own element will fill a meter that you will see above their ring-shaped head. In case the meter fills up, Rifthound will go to Devourer state, where it will lower the resistance to its element, but attacking with greater force. You can take advantage of this to cause damage with Geo and Electro attacks.

    You could attack the Rifthounds with their own element, but the best will be to bring cryogenic and hydro characters and block them with freezing reactions. If you can go to Zhongli, you could use the elemental blast to petrify the Rifthounds while inflicting Geo damage which can activate the devourer on Rockfond Rifthounds.

    That's all you need to know about how to beat Rifthound enemies in Genshin Impact, so now that you know, we hope you manage to take down this nemesis quickly.

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