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Genshin Impact: How to Beat Ruin Guard

2021-01-14 07:23:37

In this article we are going to tell you how to beat the Ruins Guard in Genshin Impact, so if you want to know, keep reading.

Who is the Ruins Guard in Genshin Impact?

It is one of the most dangerous enemies that you are going to face in the game and that you will be able to find while you assault the ruins, being an ancient and powerful humanoid war machine. So you probably want to know how to beat the Ruins Guard in Genshin Impact.

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    How to beat the Genshin Impact Ruins Guard?

    On how to defeat the guard of the ruins, we have prepared the 5 attacks that this enemy will use so that you can block them and finish him off.

    • Punch and Jump Combo: For this attack the guard will give two quick punches, and will try to jump on after the first punch, so you will have to avoid being crushed.
    • Bombardment: When you start this attack, the guard will point at you, crouch and turn its torso to fire missiles that you can dodge and you can cancel the attack with a shot charged to the weak point of its back.
    • Applause: In this attack the guard will lean forward and applaud generating an explosion. The movement is telegraphed by the ruin guard bowing down and flames rushing down his arms.
    • Stomp: For this attack if you are too close they will try to stomp you. But when he is resting you will have to take advantage to launch one of your best attacks.
    • Spinning Attack: In this attack, the Ruins Guard will turn the upper half of his body and move forward to hit you, at this point you can jump on the guard to avoid the attack.

     That's all you have to know about how to defeat the Genshin Impact Ruins Guard, we hope you can finish off this enemy in the shortest time possible now that you have all the details about their attacks and how to block or evade them. Remember that in our previous guides we have much more like this one on how to beat the guard of the ruins of Genshin Impact that will allow you to advance quickly in the game.

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