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The adventure continues in Genshin Impact and that is why today we are going to tell you How to beat Rhodeia of Loch, let's see.

Who is Rhodeia of Loch in Genshin Impact?

  This is nothing more than a new boss that we come across and that it will be necessary to defeat, to face it it is necessary to be properly prepared with at least 40 resins, as they are necessary to choose to claim the respective rewards that it drops, in this sense, knowing how to beat Rhodeia of Loch makes us have to go to Oceanid and interact with the box in the center of the platform, this causes this interesting fight to be triggered.
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    How to beat Rhodeia of Loch in Genshin Impact?

    Here there is no need to face hydroelements, because the fight is clearly with the boss, in this sense, it is necessary to consider some necessary aspects such as:


    •  Rodehia del lago has the Rush ability that allows us to launch and proceed to charge attacks against us, which makes it vital to take care of ourselves during the trajectory of the attack.
    • Another relevant aspect of this boss in Genshin Impact is the Hydropump ability, because here he can launch a jet of water for a long time which can generate enough damage, this can be avoided only by keeping us in constant movement.
    • The Tail Slam ability is another attack that this boss has, as it consists of thrashing the tail to generate a total of 3 pools of water that usually explode for a short time, in this sense, it is necessary to move away quickly to avoid receiving hurt.
    • The trap ability is another movement that this boss has, in this sense, knowing how to beat Rhodeia of Loch leads us to pay attention to this action, since it tends to invoke whirlpools that can do us a lot of damage, this makes us once we see that it tries to make use of this ability, it will be necessary to take care of moving away from the platform.
    • The giant water bomb attack is another action with which we must be attentive, pus is a definitive blow, this boss has the ability to launch a water bomb on the platform, to avoid being hit by this attack it is necessary to use geysers of water and place ourselves on these to stay out of range of Rodehia's attack and choose to charge against it.


     Once Rodehia of the lake has been defeated we are allowed to get:


    •  The flower that is generated.
    • Some materials to level up the character.

     Now that you know how to beat Rhodeia of Loch it is time to embark on this fight and in this way continue to progress in Genshin Impact.

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