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The action in Genshin Impact does not stop, so we are going to explain where to find eggs.

What to know about the eggs in Genshin Impact?

  It is one of the most important resources that exist in the game, with this we can complete many recipes, there are many options to get them for the many areas and nests that there are in the trees, even in the buildings, now we must take into account that their location is not fixed, when we see them it is appropriate to take them, to have a concrete idea of where to find eggs we can find the answers in this guide and the following content.
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    Where to find eggs in Genshin Impact?

    The roofs of the buildings is one of the places that we can consider to find eggs, these will be here on some occasions, at the beginning of the game it is a very viable option `to add this precious resource, in the case of one more place we have to the North area of the Dihua swamp that comes to be south of the stone door, which will put us in Liyue where we will be able to see that there are many trees in the area, so the birds' nests are here almost always, Also, a different option can be through the purchase of Draff, who turns out to be the head of the hunters in Springvale, highlighting that it is possible to obtain only 10 eggs per day through this option.

      Finally, now that we know where to find eggs, we can move on to Genshin Impact.

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