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We have made a Genshin Impact guide for you with the sole purpose of showing you where to find the Geovishap Hatchling

What is Geovishap Hatchling in Genshin Impact?

  This is a somewhat rare and complex monster, since describing it is somewhat difficult, however it is usually located in some specific places, its resemblance is very similar to a lizard, and it is our fault to know where to find the Geovishap Hatchling, as it is usually very useful Since by eliminating it we can get the Saturdy Bone Shard and the Fragile Bone Shard that are necessary for our weapons, since with the element of the breeding it is possible to increase our defense and inflict damage very quickly.
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    Where to find the Geovishap Hatchling in Genshin Impact?

     Obtaining them can become a somewhat complex task especially because they tend to move with agility and speed, their fights can be a bit long thanks to the fact that they have good health and are protected with a shield, on the other hand it is necessary to consider that a place where we can go in search of these babies is in the Tianglu Valley or in the Huangaung Stone Forest.

     To get a Geovishap Hatchling you need to consider:

    •  Make use of a character that can wield a heavy weapon.
    • We can choose to use Chongyun, Noelle, Diluc or Razor to pierce the shield and armor.
    • It is possible to hit them with Noelle's Claymore, as they can be stunned by her and this hit could finish our job.

     When we manage to eliminate the baby we must consider having some luck and this is because sometimes they can throw a bone fragment at us, since these are fragile and somewhat common, which can include a reward that implies in a certain way some risk, but in some way it is worth experiencing, because when we do not risk we do not win or lose.

     Now that you know where to find Geovishap Hatchling, it's time to embark on this complex search in Genshin Impact.

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