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Chivalry 2 has arrived, and therefore it is convenient to tell you about all the weapons.

What does it mean to know the list of all the weapons in Chivalry 2?

Simply to have the possibility of keeping the best ones and that these can be used to get some kind of advantage with which we can defend ourselves, this because there is a considerable amount of enemies around, besides the weapons can be different for everyone.

What is the list of all the weapons in Chivalry 2?

Some weapons can be worse or better, what is important is to reach level S which implies the strongest level, while the level is usually the weakest.

 Weapons level S+: this is the strongest level and where we are allowed to eliminate the enemies without fear and these are:

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    • Messer
    • One-handed sword
    • Long sword
    • Halberd
    • Pole hammer
    • Short sword.

    S level weapons: these are formidable weapons and are usually usable enough in battles, except that they may not be as efficient as S+ weapons, these are:

    • Warhammer.
    • Dane Axe.
    • Pole axe.
    • Greatsword.
    • Maul.
    • Shovel.
    • Battle axe.
    • Battle axe.
    • Glaive.

    Weapons of level A: they can be catalogued as good weapons, but they count on some limitations, this can interfere in some way between the life and the death, to be weapons are:

    • One-handed axe.
    • Falchion.
    • War club.
    • Morning star.
    • One-handed mace.

    B level weapons: these are medium weapons, they are not very effective, they may not be as strong, however, they can get us out of trouble and are usually the following:

    • Two-handed hammer.
    • Two-handed mace.
    • Dagger.

    C level weapons: these are moderately low and may not be very feasible, these usually do not do much good, on the contrary usually do some damage and are as follows:

    • Two-handed spear.
    • Pick axe.
    • One-handed spear.
    • Battle axe.
    • Executioner's axe.

    D level weapons: these are simply the worst weapons we encounter, and it is the most viable to stay away, these are usually:

    • Garrote.
    • Mace.
    • Knife.

    This is all we know about all the weapons, which allows us to choose the ones that may be more favorable in Chivalry 2.

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