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We welcome you to our Genshin Impact guide, where we will talk about How to get Mini Harpastum.

What to know about Genshin Impact?

With the arrival of the recent Midsummer Island Adventure event we have a set of new objects, treasures and other abundant things that require our supplies of coins, now this time we seek to know about the Mini Harpastum in this guide and its content, let's see .

How to get Mini Harpastum in Genshin Impact?

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    What we will do is go to some islands where challenges must be completed to earn the reward for them, among which is Act IV loaded Harpastum bombs, which will lead us to the use of these bombs in order to eliminate the camps of monsters, then completing this challenge allows us to obtain the Mini Harpastum which we can exchange for some objects from the event store, now the Harpastum pumps have to be manufactured in the workbenches that are found on the islands of the golden apple archipelago , being a total of 3 different ones that are manufactured that have different effects, such as the straight handle, floating sploder and hot sheath.

    The Harpastum bombs make us depend on some resources such as the stamen of the burning flower that is in the temple of a thousand winds, the lizard's tail through hunting in the forest of whispers, the frog that is nearby of the water sources and the luminescent spine, after having these materials we are going to use them in the bank to make the bombs, through the gadgets menu we can equip them, which will allow the substitution of the elemental ability, then it will be go to the monster camps that are presented to us on the map by means of special icons.

     Knowing how to obtain Mini Harpastum is interesting because it allows us to unwind and have more fun in Genshin Impact.

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